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‘Downton Abbey’ Actresses With and Without Make-Up!

‘Downton Abbey’ Actresses With and Without Make-Up!

PICTURES. While in most shows the actors always wear make-up, regardless of what they’re doing (for example – after traveling across the country in Revolution, Nora looks like she just hit-up Sephora?), Downton Abbey actors definitely don’t wear modern cosmetics, and the downstairs people look like they’re barely wearing any. You may not even recognize some of them! Look at how these amazing actresses look on the show compared to when they’re out and all dolled up. These ladies are lovely in both styles!

While the actors are obviously wearing some make-up, it’s incredibly light and very different.  American Cora and her mother seem to wear a bit more make-up than the rest (they’re the only ones wearing fairly dark lipstick).

Mary Crawley
(Michelle Dockery)


Cora Crawley
(Elizabeth McGovern)


Edith Crawley
(Laura Carmichael)

Edith100My Week with Marilyn - UK Premiere - Outside Arrivals


Mrs. Hughes
(Phyllis Logan)


Ethel Parks
(Amy Nuttall)

Downton Abbey. Series Two.Amy+Nuttall+TVChoice+Awards+2011+pUPMAA-UyAwl

Daisy Mason
(Sophie McShera)

Tn-500_sophiemcsheraScreen Shot 2013-02-11 at 3.13.50 PM

Anna Bates
(Joanne Froggatt)


Isobel Crawley
(Penelope Wilton)

Isobel100Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 3.18.04 PM

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Sybil Crawley
(Jessica Brown Findlay)


Violet Crawley
(Maggie Smith)

Violet100Smith, Maggie

Sarah O’Brien
(Siobhan Finneran)


Mrs. Patmore
(Lesley Nicol)


Rosamund Painswick
(Samantha Bond)

26Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 3.29.06 PM

Ivy Stuart
(Cara Theobold)

ivy-stuart-profileScreen Shot 2013-02-11 at 3.34.11 PM

205627_Take $10 OFF Roku HD

Martha Levinson
(Shirley Maclaine)

Martha_100Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 3.36.46 PM

Gwen Dawson
(Rose Leslie)

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 6.09.39 PMtumblr_m9ujw2dAJ41qh0oqco1_500

Rose MacClare
(Lily James)


Lavinia Swire
(Zoe Boyle)


Jane Moorsum
(Clare Calbraith)


What do you think?  Who looks best au naturale and who needs the glam?

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7 comments on “‘Downton Abbey’ Actresses With and Without Make-Up!

  1. Eloise Liu on said:

    I think Sophie McShera (Daisy) is just adorable in her natural lovely face and hair. Her inner beauty and charm are so refreshing..she needs nothing at all!

  2. Boudicca on said:

    Mrs. O’Brien is the one who “cleans up” best….in real life, she is, apparently, very pretty.
    Can you imagine the shallow, boring American actresses allowing themselves to be trotted out season after season looking their not-so-great best?
    WHAT a difference in caliber between the Brits and the Americans at every level of talent and approach to their craft.

  3. Boudicca on said:

    Anyone else waiting to see Gwen (the house maid who left to go to work as secretary to the telephone man) show up again…..this time worth millions and married to the boss who became that generation’s version of Alexander Graham Bell/Bill Gates/Steve Jobs and made a killing in the nascent industry of telephone communications?
    Can’t you see them in the finale after Downton really has gone bust BUYING the place from the final Crawley heir?

  4. Cynthia on said:

    Siobhan Finneran is the most dramatic change. These ladies do a wonderful job.

  5. Josephine Durkin on said:

    I adore the show and all the characters! I have always been obsessed with the Victorian era. Daisy needs no make up at all, she looks so pretty just as she is! Edith and Anna look gorgeous made up!
    At last a show with substance and character,

  6. I would not have been able to pick Mrs. Hughes/Phyllis Logan out of lineup all dolled up. She is a hotty when they let her be. I read she is getting a new wig. Yea! I want her looking prettier. Make Carson’s knees go weak at the sight if her.

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