American Horror Story – Characters


It’s our third season of American Horror Story, and right now we’re stuck in the middle of a frustrating hiatus (the show returns next Wednesday). So, let’s get together all of our repeat actors from previous seasons and show a picture and description from each one, along with a short real life bio. What do these stellar actors look like outside of the show and in different roles? NO SPOILERS!

Golden Globe Nominations 2013 – Analysis and Snubs


hate television/movie award shows, yet I tune in every year, hoping that some justice is done for the best actors and shows on television. Yet I’m oftentimes disappointed (okay, oftentimes livid – I take them too seriously), and swear to never watch one again. This time I’ll be analyzing the 2013 Golden Globes television nominations and discussing the major snubs.

Watching The Sopranos at Twelve


I couldn’t stop watching. I had DVD after DVD piled up from Blockbuster rentals (remember those days?) and spent every afternoon after school until late at night catching up to the second (or third) season. This was all at the ripe age of 12, with my mom trying to hide the discs from me. Me and The Sopranos were just meant to be.

Sons of Anarchy – is it really that good?


Some people will hail Sons of Anarchy as the next The Sopranos or even better. Obsessive fans will call it one of the best shows in television history. Filled with suspense, drama, betrayal, violence, sex, great actors and twists and turns galore, is there any credence behind some of these claims of greatness? The answer is simple: (warning – there may be spoilers)

Back from a Long Hiatus!

I know – I’ve been MIA now for some time. But I’m back and ready to blog about television! There’s a lot going on, with tons of new fall shows. I still haven’t gotten around to The Blacklist yet, and James Spader is one of my favorites. Anyone have their own opinion on it?  The reception has been really good, but I’m always so leery of network dramas.